Sunday, 11 September 2011

Mysterious Person (chapter 2)

Mysterious Person in Jessica's life

Chapter 2

"Oh....this headache is gonna kill me one day..What time is it?" Jessica fumbled with the blankets and managed to get out of the bed. She opened the window, "hmmm....its dark, cold and breezy outside" The wind in her thick black curly hair made her look breath-takingly beautiful. The clock struck two in the morning. "I feel butterflies in my tummy, oh yes ofcourse I forgot to have my dinner" "Time to have mommy-cooked delicious dinner" Jessica decided.
Her long white silk laced gown brushed against the staircase as she descended down to the kitchen. "I am just too bored to microwave food, cold food might be good for this stupid headache" she laughed on her silly joke. As she started with her delicious cold food "Why is it that I cant stop thinking about Mike? I feel like talking to him ...rather complaining to him, what was so important that he had to leave me alone for so long. Did he even cared about me all these years? Or Am I over-reacting to this situation. I need to get some rest." Jessica rushed to her bedroom and wrapped herself up with the blankets.
"Huuhhh...I dont believe someone is calling up so late."
No reply. 
"Is this Mike?"
The line disconnected.
"Someone is just fooling around me" Jessica tried not to think about Mike, but all her efforts were in vain. She even dreamed of Mike !

Next day...

Jessica woke up with a big smile on her face, "Merry Christmas to Me !" she whispered.
Christmas has always been a big day in Jessica's life. As a kid she used to spend her Christmas holidays with her parents, friends, relatives and yes, not to forget lots and lots of gifts!
But this year is different. It would be just she and her mom. 
She quickly stepped out of her bed, had warm water shower, put on her favorite lavender colored dress that she gifted herself as her Christmas present. 
She hurried down the stairs to the living room.
No reply
"Mom, where are you?"
Jessica searched the entire house. All in vain.
"Why did she leave me alone today ? Why she always goes out after every few days? And when she comes back, she doesnt let me know about her whereabouts." the thoughts made her feel sick.

The door bell rang.
Jessica was lost in her thoughts. The door bell rang again.

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