Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mysterious Person (chapter 1)

The Mysterious Person in Jessica's Life.

Chapter 1

This all started 7 years back at the time of Christmas. Jessica, a young and vibrant lady in her late twenties, working as a HR consultant in a reputed Bank in South California. She is a gem of beauty, fair complexioned with high cheekbones, straight nose and deep blue eyes. People simply loved her for her simplicity and honesty.
24th Dec, 1988, On the eve of Christmas, "Jessica, if you are done with your decoration, can we have supper?" Mom yelled.
"Sure Mom, five minutes more.." Jessica replied Politely.
"I had been getting these blank calls all day, and when I call back, the person doesnt attend my call" Jessica was murmuring to herself, "Oh God, please no headache tomorrow, I need to enjoy my Christmas Party". The Phone rings again. 
"Hi, Jess" a deep husky voice said.
"Yes. Who is it?"
"I guess you dont remember me anymore. Its Mike."  the voice was filled with pain.
"Oh Mike, Where have you been all these years after college? I tried to contact you so many times but just couldnt reach you."
"Sorry Jess, for making you wait so long. I had some unfinished work to complete. But I havent changed my phone number"
"What? ...." (but I used to call on that number everyday for last 2 years, the number which was out   of service for all this while) 
"Anyway, I am glad to hear your voice, Jess. It feels as if nothing has changed"
"Mike, I need to meet you as soon as possible".
He could feel the eagerness and enthusiasm in her voice, but he replied coldly.
"Well, same here. Oh I need to go now. Will call you later..." The line disconnected.
"Jessica, We are done with our supper, If at all you are hungry, the leftover is kept in the refrigerator." Mom yelled again.
"Alright Mom, thanx." Jessica doesnt mind her Mom being angry all the time. She loves her just the way she is.
"I am too thrilled to be hungry, thought Jessica. Was it Mike who was calling me all day? What made him hung up so soon, he dint even wait for me to say bye." Jessica was lost in her thoughts and fell asleep.